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From 1960 Production of products for soups and seasoning

Bouillon Cube, paste, granular and seasoning powders.

Specialized in organic bouillon cubes


all our product are available on private label package


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Zangrando srl production of bouillon for soup and seasoning conventional and from organic farming.

Tradition and Innovation in our bouillon for soup and seasoning

Zangrando srl is the result of the development of an artisan activity organized to realize products for soups and seasoning: Brodo oro, a firm with experience in food since 1960, but organized for facing the new applications of the market. 

Bouillon production (enter here)

We produce a large range of products for soups and seasoning: in Cubes (bouillon cubes) , Paste, Granulated and Powder products, both conventional and from organic farming, with our brands or with private labels. We also commercialize Biosal, our natural sea salt from Sicily.

 We are specialized also in private label production.


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Zangrando Srl

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Zangrando s.r.l.- bouillon cubes production for soup and seasoning.- Via Pontebbana 57 - 31010 Orsago TV Italy - Tel + 39 0438.990581 Fax + 39 0438.992222,

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